House & Shed Slabs

An extensive range of normal grey mix designs are available for your house or shed slab.

Typical Normal Mixes

  • Residential Slabs (N20mpa, N25mpa, N32mpa)
  • Residential Footings (N20mpa, N25mpa, N32mpa)
  • Driveways (N20mpa, N25mpa, N32mpa, N40mpa)
  • Footpaths (N20mpa, N25mpa, N32mpa)
  • Pool Spray (S25mpa, S32mpa, S40mpa)
  • Kerb and Channel (S25mpa, S32mpa)
  • Block Fill (N20mpa, N25mpa, N32mpa, N40mpa)
  • No-Fines (20mm, 10mm)
  • Early Age Strength (speciality for high strength at an early age)

Standard premixed concretes are specified by strength, slump and maximum aggregate size. Premixed concrete is also available to engineer's specifications.


Another option for your house or shed slab is to use one of our polished concrete options which could then also act as your flooring - polished concrete is seeing real growth as a durable, low maintenance and low allergen flooring option - and it also looks great!

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