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Looking for the very best in high quality bulk sand for your latest project? Whether you need a large amount of sand for landscaping on your new residential building project or you're looking to complete a commercial landscaping job, Nucrush is the place to turn for bulk sand – processed or unprocessed.

Buy sand in bulk

All of the sand that we sell is sourced from local deposits, with the majority coming from our Quarry in Oxenford. From here, we can ship out and deliver anywhere in Queensland. So, whether you're in Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast, Tweed or even Brisbane itself, know that, here at Nucrush, we've got all your bulk sand needs covered.

The benefits of buying sand in bulk

Sand is a vital component of the construction process and has been for several thousand years. It is added to concrete and asphalt to provide further strength, while it can also be used as a decorative material in landscaping projects. Whether you're adding the finishing touches to the outside areas of a number of new builds or you need a government communal landscaping project, we can provide you with the following types of sand, all in bulk amounts:

  • Coarse river sand
  • Unprocessed fill sand
  • Washed fill sand
  • Fine sand
  • Processed fine sand
  • Quarry sand
  • Manufactured sand

Not sure which type you need? Simply ask and we'll help you out.

Work out how much sand you need

Before you buy from us, we'll need to know the quantity of bulk sand that you need. Not sure how to work this out? It's relatively simple. Just work out the length, width and depth of the area you need to cover in metres, multiply them together and let us know the final figure. We'll do the rest!

Get in touch

You'll find whatever you're looking for in our quality range of bulk sand. To get a quote for your project, simply visit https://www.nucrush.com.au/delivery-product-quote/31 and fill out the form here or give us a call on 07 5573 8000.

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